Unequal Equipment



The applications are boundless. From helmets to golf grips to thigh pads to insoles to military vests, Unequal® brand products are well on their way to becoming product category leaders. With over 60 U.S. and international patents, Unequal’s unique shock blocking technology was originally developed for the military and quickly adapted for innumerable sports applications.






3 layer composite

A thinner, lighter bullet-resistant vest than any on the market was tested and certified under stringent protocol in accordance with NIJ (National Institute of Justice) standards for ballistic resistance.


65% less blunt force trauma

Our Head Armor, Body Armor and Footwear protection have been independently tested and proven to effectively reduce the blunt force trauma in high impact.


85% more applications

We proudly feature ballistics grade Unequal composites in every product we produce, offering lightweight, affordable and customizable protection to service members and athletes alike. 


75% speed increase

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“Our patented technology, fortified with Kevlar®, is completely customizable, limited only by your imagination.

Pads featuring the semi-rigid Blast Shield™ provide our highest level of impact resistance. Pads without the Blast Shield offer greater flexibility for adaptable, lightweight protection.”